Thursday, March 6, 2008

Secretaires :::

Secretaires is special desk that is built so as to be comfortable for writing upon it , usually located in bedrooms at suitable corner in the room .

Secretaire [ 1 ]

French Versailles Secretaire


Secretaire [ 2 ]

This bureau is decorated from top to toe with inlay or marquetry , the speciality of the cabinet maker Abraham and David Roentgen. On the flap is a depiction of what is

possibly the throne room of the elector

ElectorGermany in the 18th century was made up of some six hundred

different states loosely combined in the Holy Roman Empire. Electors were those rulers with the right to elect the German emperor. At the time this object was made, around 1765, there were nine electors.
of Trier.


Secretaire [ 3 ]

Fabulous Edwardian rosewood and marquetry inlaid bureau. 76cms x 48cms x 108cms high. Three drawers under domed fall front reveals pigeonholes and inlaid leather with gold tooling


Secretaire [ 4 ]

This is an exceptionally fine 19th century burl walnut inlaid ladies secretary. It has a top writing surface with small tooled leather insert. The back top section has a central door with sectioned drawer and cubby holes behind.


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