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Commodes :::

Regular and heavy duty bedside commodes, raised toilet seats, and toilet safety frames for hygiene and bathroom safety.
Commode’ is a French word meaning ‘easy’ or ‘convenient’, which perhaps explains why the generally accepted modern sense of the word is that of a discreet piece of furniture to be found in a sick room concealing a chamber pot. Commode is also French for chest-of-drawers. Highly decorative, and more to be appreciated for its aesthetic qualities than for its utility, this article of furniture became extremely fashionable in England during the latter half of the eighteenth century. It retained its French name in order to set it apart from the mundane native chest of drawers familiar here since the seventeenth century.

Commode [ 1 ]

One of a pair of superb Italian neoclassical commodes made in Milan by Giuseppe Maggiolini, the greatest Italian cabinetmaker and marqueteur of the period. They were made as coronation gifts from the Italian people to Napoleon in 1804.They are illustrated in several books on Italian furniture.


Commode [ 2 ]

Louis XVI demi-lune mahogany commode by STOCKEL with lateral cupboards and fine ormolu mounts. The compartments in the frieze above the cupboards are spring loaded and hinged. White marble top.


Commode [ 3 ]

Fine Louis XV commode veneered with kingwood bois de bout marquetry on a tulipwood ground by Jacques Dautriche. Typical for this ébéniste the ormolu bronzes and borders are framed in amaranth


Commode [ 4 ]

Unusual transitional "D"-shaped commode attributed to Charles Topino. The three drawer commode has two flanking side cabinets. Replaced breche d'Alep marble top.


Commode [5 ]

English squared commode .


Commode [6 ]

An outstanding pair of mid 18th century Venetian serpentine two
drawer painted commodes.


Commode [7 ]

Exceptional Pair ;Venetian Marble Vaneered
Bombe Commodes


Commode [8 ]

Unusually large three-drawer commode from Lyon, France. Double-arbalete curvature to the front and paneled sides. Beautifully carved apron on front and sides. The walnut is of the best quality with very fine texture and lovely color.


Commode [9 ]

French Bombe chest with serpentine marble top and front rosewood with Kingwood panels of marquetry and gilt bronze ormolu.

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