Monday, July 14, 2008

Modern Bedroom Furniture 5

The main essence of any beautiful bedroom is the bed that it contains. And to soothe the artistic and trendy choices of today’s world this Modern platform bed “Concorde” is just right. This stylish and chic low height bed has many features one might find very useful and handy. This bed is customized to modern day contemporary Italian design and is also a good deal for modern furniture. This bed with storage space has multi utility choices.

This piece of modern bedroom furniture is made with the designs of contemporary lifestyle but at the same time attract a cozy, relaxing environment. This platform bed is colored dark brown and beige that brings out warmth and comfort to its owner. The colors of the bed also strike balance throughout the room. Brown hues give off a strong, hard feel across the space, while beige provides a soft touch on the furniture.

You are going to love the deep rich mahogany color that this modern lacquer bed provides. The Portland, a marvel of modern Italian design, features a large headboard covered in black leather, a high gloss lacquer finish on a stainless steel bed frame. Also include is lifting storage and a beautiful matching nightstand. If you want fashion and functionality, this luxury bed with built in storage will satisfy all your needs.

This contemporary platform bed is designed to be of good use but at the same time provide a homely and relaxing atmosphere. This maple colored bed is equipped with stacks to provide storage space. The bed is also covered with a high gloss finish that makes the maple color look much brighter. Among its main features are glass trays on the headboard which can be used as a place for safekeeping important belongings. The headboard is also supported with lights that can be used to light a specific area in the room.


  1. furniturefrenzy said...
    I absolutely love how the contemporary bed matches the modern furniture. I cant afford to buy full room furniture in one visit I generally have to add a few bargains as I go but I hope to have a very similar design in my future rooms!
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